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Meet Karon Kissentaner

Committed To Serve With Excellence !

A dedicated Licensed Nurse with 23 years of skilled experience in healthcare, with a passion to provide exceptional care and have a significant positive impact on the lives of others.  Karon is fueled by her passion to assist individuals and their families to attain an optimal quality of life.  Knowing that her care, touch, voice and time has impacted someone's life for the better is most rewarding. 

Throughout her nursing career, she had the great opportunity to provide exceptional care in many areas of nursing including Medical-Surgical, Long-term Acute Care, Post-operative Care, Alzheimer and Hospice Care.  Although, she provided exceptional care to many, it was most rewarding caring for seniors and ensuring they could  achieve or recover an optimal  quality of life.  Karon is committed in making a positive difference in the lives of others and believes having compassion and never failing to  lend a helping hand is the most effective way to have a positive impact on the lives of others and  the key to having a blessed  life.

Blessed Indeed Caregivers

Our Mission is to provide services to enable our clients to enhance, organize, complete task, simplify life and overall well-being.

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